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Common Questions and Answers
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  • What does CoffeeMatté taste like?
    It is impossible to accurately describe the rich taste of CoffeeMatté. However, the following inscription, found chiseled into the concrete floor of a basement laboratory, probably sums it up best...
    "CoffeeMatté is more good."
  • Mixing coffee and Yerba Mate in bowl. CoffeeMatte being strained dry. CoffeeMatte rolled to press out moisture.

  • How much healthier is CoffeeMatté for me than coffee?
    Coffee is suspected of the following:
    • increased blood pressure
    • insomnia
    • anxiety and irritability
    • reduced fertility
    • osteoporosis
    CoffeeMatté's ingredients, on the other hand, have been known to cause:
    • mental state of wakefulness
    • general feeling of well-being
    • desire for more CoffeeMatté
  • Loose CoffeeMatte. CoffeeMatte brick. CoffeeMatte ready to ship to anxious customers.

  • Can I simply mix Coffee and Yerba Maté together to mix my own CoffeeMatté?
    CoffeeMatté is more than simply Coffee and Yerba Maté mixed together. Our patent-pending process involves precise:
    • ratios of Coffee to Yerba Maté
    • temperature and humidity control
    • additives to enchance front end lift
    • secret blend of 2 herbs and spices
    You can certainly try and mix Coffee and Yerba Maté together yourself. But rather than a delicious cup of CoffeeMatté, the likely result will be a tepid cup of bitter tasting failure. We recommend you save yourself the misery, and order up a package of CoffeeMatté instead.
Updated: 2024-06-14
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