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CoffeeMatté takes the wonderful taste of coffee, and combines it with all the health benefits of Yerba Maté. If you're not drinking CoffeeMatté right now, then you're wasting your life away!
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Every day, thousands are making the switch to CoffeeMatté. Whether its the rich taste, invigorating energy boost, or fantastic health benifits, there's no reason to spend another day drinking anything else. Because when you surrender to CoffeeMatté, you Surrender to Deliciousness!
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Legend has it, that CoffeeMatté was discovered by a kindly old inventor in his garage, while working on a cure for cancer late into the night. He had just brewed himself a cup of coffee and was reaching for a carton of milk, when he accidentally spilled some Yerba Maté into his coffee.
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Fortunately, instead of tossing out the mixture, he took a cautious sip. The cautious sip was soon followed by an enthusiastic gulp! He quickly dropped all of his projects, and dedicated the rest of his life to preparing, sharing and consuming this most delicious beverage.
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Updated: 2024-06-14
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